Danube Digital Innovation Hub


DanubeDIH founding members have a wide experience in regional/national projects unfolded in the last 3 years, which are important for Research-Development and Innovation activities or for digitalization and technical improvement.


Research Development and Innovation Entities


Local Public Administration




Enterprises and associations

The Digital Innovation HUB "DanubeDIH" is a non-governmental, non-profit, one-stop-shops and public utility, which supports enterprises, especially SMEs and public organizations in their digital transformation, offering them services focused on the following main directions :

  • - Digital
  • - The public sector
  • - The private sector

IT&C Cluster Dunărea de Jos Galați, together with 2 renowned research centers from the South-East Region (Dunărea de Jos University and Danubius University), as well as the 2 national development research centers (INCDD Tulcea, ICI Bucharest), administration institutions public (Galati City Hall, Galati County Council), 7 clusters and representatives of the economic environment, especially in the field of IT&C as well as non-governmental bodies, initiated the development of a digital hub called DanubeDIH.

Its purpose is to facilitate the access of local companies (especially SMEs) to digital technologies available to RDI entities and ICT companies within the DanubeDIH, in order to obtain more national and international competitiveness.

DanubeDIH acts as a center of the regional innovation eco-system around specific fields: robotics, Big data, Industrial internet of things, digital supply chain, cyber security, Cloud Computing, Intelligent automation, Digital manufacturing, Smart factories, Artificial Intelligence, smart city for the following sectors of activity: SMEs: trade and services; Naval sector, Health, Agriculture, Food Industry, Textile Industry, Energy, Creative Industries and Startups.

The main beneficiaries of DanubeDIH are enterprises, including SMEs, local public authorities, associations, clusters, as well as other entities that will be attracted and that support innovatio

The SMEs targeted by DanubeDIH belong to the following market sectors: SMEs: trade and services; Naval Sector; Health; Agriculture; Food industry; Energy; Textile Industry, Creative Industries; Startups, and their needs have been identified in the development and internationalization strategies of the clusters where they are members, in the Smart Specialization Strategy of the South East Region, in entrepreneurial discovery sessions, in the workshops for identifying needs etc

IT&C competencies provided within DanubeDIH:

  • · Educational Software
  • · Ecommerce solutions
  • · Digital Marketing
  • · Management software, ERP, CRM
  • · Software application integrations
  • · Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, AR etc
  • · Automation and robotics, IoT
  • · Smart city & buildings

DanubeDIH acts coherently with the analysis of local needs and correspondingly with the realization of the 4 functions of the Digital Innovation Hub:

Professional capacity development programs (trainings)

Support for companies in finding investments

Testing before investing

Networking and innovation ecosystem

DanubeDIH will be a bridge between the two local universities, which are providers of high qualified human resources and digital technologies through Accredited Excellence Centres, local companies and Public Administrations whose development strategies include immediate directions of digitalization.